Ranna in Bengali means cooking and Ghor means room…

Kitchen for some, is a place of innovation, invention and passion unlike some who ditest, hates or is just a formality. What would you call a situation for a person who does not even know how to make an omelette. I call it lack of experience. Let me know what would you call it?

What I have realized after coming to the US, is that cooking comes from within.(as if you’ll attain Nirvana). If you are a good cook its simple and if you are not its even better, as this gives you an opportunity to try your own ways. A year back same time, I did’nt know how to make a cup of tea. (not exaggerating) but now atleast I can make a cup of tea!!!! C’mon guys I deserve a pat on my back…

This blog is for all my dear friends sitting in front of their monitors and laptops who likes or detests the thought of cooking a meal, try them if you can… at your own risk!!!  The blog will consist of food that D and me likes.(We love to eat). As we are from the city of joy, most food will have the “Bengali-spice”…I really don’t know what that means may be we’ll figure it out together.

Above all I dedicate this blog to my ma, who thought I could never cook edible food but always had the belief in me….and to all my dear friends who believes one need not be a good cook to make good food. If you have time then do try these recipes as they are simple and definitely does not require much expertise

PS: The husband survived after having the food I made, just for your knowledge.

Also,tea-making was taught to me by my FIL 🙂

Goodluck and may you get to eat all the food that you like now and forever…drool…

Hello world!


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