Pujas back at home has just started and will be missing it again this year!

Ever since started work, pujas were different. Each member of the team at work would have to be volunteers for the grand Dandiya. (The company I worked for in Kolkata would organize big events). Now, thats not a deal! Who works during Pujas? Well, we did. However, during that period the days we did not work,  we had a ball.

The part I miss the most is the awesome food, pandal-hopping with friends and eating junk from the stalls of favourite teen-age destination Maddox square.  But as I reflect about my actions in the recent yester-years, I realized probably with time my interest to go to Maddox and hop around frantically from one place to the other also diminished. (Duh, that is obvious because I never remained a teen!)

One thing remained constant was eating street food year after year. Eating street food never asked for any occasion. So  just to refresh my mind and soothe myself on the though of not being able to lay my hands on street food I made myself and D my style egg roll.

Here’s what I did.

  • Had some wheat tortillas sitting on the shelf. Decided to use them.
  • I made 4 egg rolls (2 for each).
  • Made one roll at a time. So I beat 1 egg, threw some chopped onions, some chopped jalapeno, 2 tbsp of milk, 1 tsp of oil,salt and ground pepper to taste. Beat them like a lunatic till fluffy.
  • Heated the griddle on a medium heat and baked the tortillas for a minute or so and took them off heat.
  • In the same griddle, put 1 tbsp of oil and covered the griddle with the beaten egg.  (yeah a perfect egg omelette!!)
  • I reduced the heat and placed one tortilla over the not-cooked-yet omelette. Waited for a minute and then with the help of another ladle flipped it to the other side and waited for 30 seconds.
  • Job done.
  • I took it off the heat and placed it on a plate, put minute dollops of ketchup and chilli sauce and smeared all over it.
  • Squeezed out good amount of lime juice over.
  • I added another round of ground pepper in small quantity to spice it up little more.

Enjoyed it while watching Tyra Banks Top Models and thanking God for getting to eat junks unlike the models on TV…:)

Lingering nostalgia of the Pujas and double egg-roll…